Tuesday 3rd Already

I can’t believe it is the third day of January already…trying to figure out where Christmas has gone and more importantly where my two weeks holiday has disappeared to.

I really look forward to my Christmas break and by the time I de-stress, refocus and start enjoying it…time to go back to work.

Hows my day one of my new years ressy’s going ? … great apart from the two luxury chocolate biscuits and in my defence they were small, miniscule in fact so hardly count.

I am just resting a gammon joint and having some of that with lots of fresh vegetables so that can’t be bad. (I went back and edited that bit as I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I was having a whole gammon joint to myself, well not today anyway.) What is bad though is the lack of physical exercise of any realisitic or actual value unless you can count walking up and down the garden clearing up dog poo 😦

One more day and then back to work. It should have been tomorrow but it is a teacher training day or INSET day as this appears to be far more widely used a descriptor for wrecking a planned strategy.

Now if I can get a walk in tonight…note to self…and resist from eating any of that Xmas cake or the mince pies I will have done well on my day 1 so fingers crossed. Those luxury biscuits are really tiny…honest 🙂





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