Tempting canine morsels

My GSD has been really ill over the festive period and has had a high temperature and an infection. Although she has been driniking water she has been on hunger strike and has lost a lot of weight.

Antibiotics and some TLC have by all accounts addressed the problem but just how to get a fussy dog to eat is a problem beyond.

Tamara has never been a dog that likes to eat. Eating formally, or normally for that matter has always been a daily trial which is succumbed to after much encouragement.

Since she has been ill, and even now she is on the road to recovery, she is eating enough to keep a sparrow alive.

What tempting morsels can I offer when she turns up her nose at even the best dog food that comes in little individual silver serving platters, steak, chicken breast gently simmered, sausage and ham?

Trying to get her tablets into her system has been a task that has demanded great patience, subterfuge and trickery. One and a half tablets, twice a day, broken into manageable size pieces that can be slipped easily into a bit of something nice equals 12 pieces of antibiotic tablet that she can spit back out at me.

Back to work tomorrow so thankfully she has now finished the course but still does not resolve the fact that I need to get her to eat. Any suggestions….


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