It’s so uncomplicated for you
So easy to put real life on hold
To immerse yourself totally
in a heightened state
Of pure indulgent gratification
And individualistic ecstasy
With not a care nor problem
Passing through your mind
No reality check of your life
And the responsibilities you hold
Life doesn’t get much better…
In your fools paradise, your chimera
This Utopia of your ‘reality’
But at what cost other than
The greatest cost of life itself
The loss of belief, the loss of love.


2 thoughts on “Chimera

  1. Your blog suggested that to expose a poem of yours to public scrutiny was perhaps painful, slightly unnerving, to say the least, and not at all a joy. You also express what are valid reservations to blogging every day. Your switch to “frequently” from every day again expresses your possible pains at the thought of writing. You know, my friend, no matter who the artisan or artist, there is a certain bottom line, routine, pedestrian drudgery that comes with anything we do. After a fine meal, there are the dishes to do and then, at least for the cook, there was the initial cooking. Some enjoy clean-up, others enjoy cooking; I enjoy neither of these so it is true that this basic need to eat often escapes my proper attentions. Now, I am not saying that writing poetry or a blog is to be compared quite so easily with a thing like eating, but it has proven to be a truth at least for me that when it comes to writing, poetry or prose, there is nothing that can replace the actual performance of the thing every day, without fail if the love of the thing is ever to catch on. Your own poem implies as much when applied to the person to whom the poem was addressed.

    At any rate, good luck to both your prose and poetry. I suspect you are more than able with both but at the moment, there just isn’t that great a critical mass of “others” who have told you so so that you would be encouraged to the point of actually rushing to write every day. After all, in order for anyone to write, there must be an audience to write to; without that, it can be a lot like eating alone.

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