Blast from the past…

So what sort of music do you listen to?

  • In the car
  • In the bath
  • Whilst your cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening

If I’m on my own in the car, I like my music loud!

When anyone asks me I readily admit to preferring those that are sometimes perceived to be slightly more depressing than most when strumming and humming a few notes.

I automatically surrender names such as Coldplay, James Morrison, Rhydian, REM…cool. But happy stuff too…Newton Faulkner, and Paulo Nuttini.

But looking through my CD collection, my past screams out to haunt me with sights such as Simply Red and Curtis Steigers (the American with the long hair and the Sax)!

I can’t be the only one with such music secrets…come on…fess up!

Just call me WYSIWYG

Now I have never really thought of myself as a technophobe…until now!

I appear to have been given or somehow inherited another website to ‘administer’, an FB page to look after and another Twitter feed. This in addition to my work website, my work Twitter/s, my personal FB, my personal Twitter and my WordPress Blog.

Even Tweetdeck cannot give me all the answers I need as although I have my three Twitter feeds running I cannot run the feed for my FB page rather that my personal profile feed?

For a short while I was quite optimistic about the new website responsibility when I was told it was a WordPress site, great I thought, at least I have some experience of WordPress with my blogging. At least I will already know the basics….the basics yes, but this is a prime example of when you need to know a little bit more than just enough.

I remain undefeated…I will try and learn but let me share the following …

Any help gladly accepted…..


Cameron…we have a problem

This morning, David Cameron is having another go at trying to explain his Big Society. I would be lying if I said I had managed to listen to the whole thing, or even 25% – it was a few snippets here and there.

I also wonder just how this apparent ‘re-launch’ will help it take off or will he realize that it is actually “Cameron, we have a problem…”.

Over 1000 youth workers and young people came to Solihull to attend the Choose Youth Rally coordinated by the Unite union. We were all inspired by the voices of young people fighting back against the demolition of their services including Nicky Wishart, a 13 yr old boy who was ‘lifted’ out of his class by the police after they discovered that he was organising a campaign to save his local youth club…and why was this so troubling? Perhaps because it was in Cam’s home town in Witney.

Unfortunately, neither Cameron nor a representative from the Tory party was able to attend. He might have heard the passionate and extremely inspiring young people who were totally devastated about the services and resources that they enjoy disappearing across the country.

Cameron’s other baby is the National Citizens Service(NCS) and he uses this to argue the case for a greater involvement of young people in volunteering. He fails to admit that the cuts in voluntary organisations will dramatically reduce the amount of volunteering opportunities for young people.

The millions being spent on the NCS , for a five week programme during the summer holidays, would resource a 365 day youth service for a year. Cam is already bleating on about how this summer scheme is a massive success!  This is only being piloted this year with the tenders won by a number of organisations with CEO’s and trustees seemingly all a little close to Cameron’s fold…

And even though service for young people are being demolished across the length and breadth of the country…we don’t have to worry because Cam’s Big Society Bank will make sure everything is OK and the voluntary organisations will not go under even though all thier funding is being stripped away…Steve Bell sort of sums it up for me…

My lucky number’s 1…

When I was 28 I went to see a fortune teller.

I remember sitting in her dining room, full of cynicism, but trying to appear interested.

More importantly, I remember concentrating really hard in an attempt to recognise any prompts being put to me or any use of subtle suggestion methods in order to ascertain certain ‘facts’ to be used in my reading.

So if I was such a sceptic why would I spend hard earned cash on such a fools dream?

This is a simple question for me to answer.

That period of my life was not good. In fact I do not know how I am still here, able to think freely, and able to express myself without fear of retribution.

I remember the desperate need I had for someone, (anyone), to tell me that things would be OK in my future. But that ‘someone’ needed to be a person who was totally disentangled and disengaged with my life.

I was a bit underwhelmed when I couldn’t see a crystal ball. Instead my fortune teller said that she would undertake a a palm reading and a tarot card reading. Neither of which foretold the happy ending that I was searching for with any total certainty.

In fact the only thing it did reveal was that the numbers 2 and 9 would have significant meaning for me. It in fact went further to say that the 29th day of a month would change the way I lived my life forever.

I paid my £10 and walked home, chastising myself for being so gullible. What a load of croc I thought to myself. A tenner to be told that my  lucky number  wasn’t 1!

On the 29/09/92 I took my driving test and passed. Not only did it change the way I lived my life but it also gave me a new independancy, and a few more pounds on my side of the scales of power. Coincidence, prophecy or just luck…….

Black bamboo

February winds
So cold, so angry
Nature’s sharpened tool of destruction
Seeking out all signs of weakness
There are those that stand strong
Against the violent onslaught
But in the end they have no choice
But to gracefully yield
With battered bodies and
Brave heads lowered in defeat.
Yet the black bamboo
Remain standing proud and tall
Laughing, swaying, taunting
Come wind, come
For we love to dance.


TGIF – an initialism for the phrase “Thank God It’s Friday”, celebrating the last day of the work/school week before the weekend.

Another week finished, here comes the weekend…woo hoo.

I always hope for the weekend. Most mornings when the alarm rings,  I hope that it’s Friday.

But this week I think I hoped a bit harder than usual. I love my job. Its hard, its busy, its stressful, but I do love it. But no matter how much I love it,  I do long for the weekend.

My weekends are firmly divided into Saturdays and Sundays.

Saturday is the day to get so much done. Shopping, cleaning, tidying, washing cooking, socialising…as much as can be fit into a day.  Saturdays can be frantic, stressful and tiring…but I love Saturday.

Sunday is family day with the kids and grandkids. Sunday is a good day.

I do enjoy my weekends. Even with the cooking, cleaning, tidying, shopping there is always time to spare. Time to spend doing something you wouldn’t normally be able to do during the working week.

This Saturday will be a little different as  I will be supporting my fellow brothers and sisters in their fight against Birmingham City Councils cuts. I hope the turn out is good.

And once the weekend is over, the start of a new week. A brand new, brand spanking new, sparkling shiny new week.  A new chance. A fresh start to get a step ahead…ready for next weekend.


This was something that my daughter and I jotted down one evening and I thought I would share it with others who may like it…

Eric the cat sat up and frowned
He looked down at his tummy, which was very round
And as he stared, a strange noise he heard
And then he smiled, and then he purred.
‘Dinnertime’ he thought to himself,
he had a quick stretch and then jumped off the shelf.
He went into the kitchen, and there was Mom
She was cooking dinner, for Charlotte and Tom.
Eric’s tummy rumbled some more
And now his meow was like a tiny roar.
Mom leant down and patted his head,
“Just give me two minutes Eric”, she said. 
Eric knew dinner would not be too long
So he sat near to Mom and hummed a song.
“Dinner’s ready” he heard, and saw two eager faces,
As Charlotte and Tom climbed into their places.
Mom soon placed down Eric’s bright red dish
And what did he see … wow, a juicy big fish!
Eric ate up every succulent flake
No more room in his tummy, even for cake.
The he lapped up just a drop of cream,
Time now he thought for a nice long dream.
And as he curled up all warm and cosy
He chuckled and thought “a cat’s life is so rosy!”.

The quandaries in life

Don’t we all have everyday questions that remain unanswered? Here are just a few of mine…(part 1)

  • Five a day…when you are on a diet, why is it that all you can think about is chocolate?
  • Pigs might fly…why does a cup of coffee always taste so much better when you also have a bacon sandwich?
  • Naughty but nice…how do you stop the cream from squishing out when you bite into a custard slice?
  •  Some like it hot…what is the optimum temperature for chocolate to be eaten?
  • Sent to try us…how does the copier know when you are battling against an extremely tight deadline?
  • A question of taste…why does the chocolate from Easter eggs taste so much nicer than other forms of chocolate?
  • Talk about the weather…when does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny?
  • Friday night takeout…is there a time limit on fortune cookie predictions?
  • It’s all in the science…can crop circles be square?
  • Each to their own…when Atheists go to court, do they have to swear on the bible?
  • Furry felines… why do cats bums go up when you stroke them?
  • To use public transport…If most car accidents occur within five miles of home, why doesn’t everyone just move 10 miles away?

Come on, share a few of yours….more coming soon!