This was something that my daughter and I jotted down one evening and I thought I would share it with others who may like it…

Eric the cat sat up and frowned
He looked down at his tummy, which was very round
And as he stared, a strange noise he heard
And then he smiled, and then he purred.
‘Dinnertime’ he thought to himself,
he had a quick stretch and then jumped off the shelf.
He went into the kitchen, and there was Mom
She was cooking dinner, for Charlotte and Tom.
Eric’s tummy rumbled some more
And now his meow was like a tiny roar.
Mom leant down and patted his head,
“Just give me two minutes Eric”, she said. 
Eric knew dinner would not be too long
So he sat near to Mom and hummed a song.
“Dinner’s ready” he heard, and saw two eager faces,
As Charlotte and Tom climbed into their places.
Mom soon placed down Eric’s bright red dish
And what did he see … wow, a juicy big fish!
Eric ate up every succulent flake
No more room in his tummy, even for cake.
The he lapped up just a drop of cream,
Time now he thought for a nice long dream.
And as he curled up all warm and cosy
He chuckled and thought “a cat’s life is so rosy!”.

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