Just call me WYSIWYG

Now I have never really thought of myself as a technophobe…until now!

I appear to have been given or somehow inherited another website to ‘administer’, an FB page to look after and another Twitter feed. This in addition to my work website, my work Twitter/s, my personal FB, my personal Twitter and my WordPress Blog.

Even Tweetdeck cannot give me all the answers I need as although I have my three Twitter feeds running I cannot run the feed for my FB page rather that my personal profile feed?

For a short while I was quite optimistic about the new website responsibility when I was told it was a WordPress site, great I thought, at least I have some experience of WordPress with my blogging. At least I will already know the basics….the basics yes, but this is a prime example of when you need to know a little bit more than just enough.

I remain undefeated…I will try and learn but let me share the following …

Any help gladly accepted…..


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