It’s not what you say but how you tell it!

First he defended what he’d said. Then he said he’d chosen the wrong words.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has admitted he got “bogged down” in an argument about different types of rape.

During the controversial radio 5 live interview, Mr Clarke disputed reports that the current average sentence for rape was five years and insisted that “serious rape” attracted a much longer term. His comments caused outcry and the media backlash lasted for several days.

Ken insists that he got bogged down, and suggests that it was not what was said that was wrong but how it was phrased.

He reiterated that “All rape is serious. It’s one of the gravest crimes. My choice of words was wrong and were badly phrased. It’s because I got bogged down in a silly exchange.”

During this “silly exchange”, he heard from a woman telling her story about how the man convicted of her rape, on release, went on and continued to rape more woman.

But Ken still insists that plans to halve sentences for criminals who admit guilt at their first chance to enter a plea after being charged were still being considered.

Labour leader Ed Miliband called on him to step down following his comments  but Ken remains indignant and has said he will not resign.

Ken is one of the many that displays clearly Cameron’s failure to create the modern, metropolitan image of the Conservative Party. Ken’s behind appears to be currently covered but longer term, however, there will be many in government who think its time for him to go.

Sorry Ken…it’s a #fail