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Liberal Democrat Cllr Martin Mullaney has today blogged about the behaviour of Cllr Quinn at the Hall Green Constituency meeting on Tuesday night. Cllr Mullaney states that he “witnessed the most appalling behaviour by a Councillor at a council meeting that I have attended in my eight years as a Birmingham City Councillor.” Cllr Mullaney goes on to accuse Cllr Quinn, Labour Councillor for Sparkbrook, “as turning up drunk“. He states “that during the debate on Moseley Road baths, Councillor Quinn shouted across the room “Councillor Mullaney, you are full of sh*t”. This remark was actually met with some consensus across the room.

I find the behaviour of Cllr Mullaney appalling in that he has chosen to use this forum to spread potentially slanderous and detrimental information about a fellow councillor. Even more appalling than this is his own behaviour at the same Ward meeting. As a member of the Constituency, I observed Councillor Mullaney not only arrive late and half way through the agendered item dealing with the issue relating to Moseley Road baths, but he then went on to leave after the first hour of the meeting. This early departure was despite members being in attendance, young and old, who wished to hand in a petition relating to the proposals to a reduction in library opening hours. The reason for this early departure… bearing in mind that he is paid as a councillor to attend to council business… he clearly tells us on his blog what his priorities are and states that “I had to leave after the first hour since the meeting clashed with my monthly comedy club”. My message for Cllr Mullaney – #fail


8 thoughts on “Blogging councillors

  1. A few months ago, frustrated parents turned up to a Sparkbrook ward meeting to complain about poor academic performance and standards in some primary schools in Sparkbrook ward e.g. Percy Shurmer, Tindal, Montgomery and Anderton Park and made comparisons with outstanding schools in the same ward like Nelson Mandela, Heath Mount, Clifton, etc. Nelson Mandela has a pass rate of 95% of its pupils passing Level 4+ in English AND Maths.
    Newly elected Cllr. Victoria Quinn shocked parents and members of the public who were in attendance by questioning why they thought Nelson Mandela was such a wonderful school, when it was the only school in the ward that had refused to meet with her!
    Now, we have a plausible explanation as to why Nelson Mandela Primary School may not have opened its door to Her Royal Highness Cllr. Victoria “Elizabeth” Quinn.
    Now staggering in drunk to a meeting? You could not make it up, even if you tried!

    • Point of information – there was no ‘staggering’ into the meeting in question despite Cllr Mullaney’s derisive comments and incessant suggestion that this was the case. I cannot comment on the issue relating to the school in question as I was not party to the Sparkbrook meeting. That being said, I can comment on the HG Constituency meeting and it completely escapes me how Cllr Mullaney could even have such an informed view on the issue when he was only in the meeting for such a short length of time. I do believe that a lot of what Cllr Mullaney writes about in his blog really must be taken with a pinch of salt and perhaps is done in an attempt to create comedic content for his real passion.

      • Although Cllr Mullaney did not say Cllr Quinn was staggering his blog has let me to believe she was in such state. Also I was not there but many people that were do suggest the same assumption as there have been quite a few I have spoken to of the incident. It seems to me that efforts are being made to shift the light off Cllr Quinn and indicate others as at fault. If Cllr Mullaney arrived late and left early is that an excuse for Cllr Quinn’s behaviour? And the foul language she used at Cllr Mullaney and him being continuously targeted quite frankly it was better he had left!! Or do you suggest the children had to bare more foul language with Cllr Mullaney’s presence? It would of been far far better if Cllr Quinn followed suit as she arrived late and should of left early. My previous comment of the ward meeting I was present. I too was a little shocked when all schools except Nansel Mandela opened the doors to her. But now, I think that Nansel Mandela is a brilliant school as they must of seen right through Cllr Quinn. My local school had opened there doors to Cllr Quinn and my children attend there. Now to be honest I do not want her to be any part of the school!!! She used foul language at a meeting with children preset eventhough she was told but continued. I teach my children true values and keep them away from such words but don’t trust Cllr Quinn any more, knowing our luck her majesty would turn up to the school after she went celebrating her diamond jubilee at the local brewery.

      • And there lies my initial point….Cllr Mullaney used his ‘councillor blog’ to make these sorts of derisive comments about another councillor. It was the choice of forum used, the fact that he was only in attendance for a short time and the fact that his comments were somewhat based on information received third hand. Cllr Mullaney had the issue of the baths in his brief so it was him who had to answer the questions, so your perception of him being targeted is not really valid. I am not condoning any inappropriate behaviour that may or may not have took place, and the use of bad language at a public meeting is not acceptable, but for Cllr Mullaney to make such public statements, without ensuring all facts are in hand, is in my opinion, irresponsible. The final sentence of your response to my blog only demonstrates how this sort of irresponsible behaviour then influences the thoughts and perceptions of others who then perpetuate the behaviour by making the same sort of derisive and derogatory comments about something or someone they know little of. We should not be surprised that councillors such as Mullaney are employing these sorts of point scoring tactics when we have local elections taking place shortly. I personally wish that Cllr Mullaney displayed the same sort of passion and depth of interest in local issues of such gravitas as the object of his and your ridicule has.

  2. I agree, this was more likely a publicity stunt for Cllr mullaney and the libdem’s but Cllr Quinn should really be more responsible especially 4 months into office. Its opened my eyes and hope she says away my kids school. With a Birmingham mail journalist present at the meeting she has even made the local papers,

    • I agree with your suggestion that this was more likely a publicity stunt and let us hope that all of our councillors, who are elected to look after their constituents interests, behave more appropriately in future. I had not seen the article referenced and after reading it feel it was a most unfortunate state of affairs. For information, I was in attendance at the meeting for the duration and can legitimately state that the use of the said ‘swear word’ took place only once and was not a tirade of abuse as Mullaney’s blog, and his comments to the Mail might suggest. As previously said, I do not condone the use of bad language but feel it should be put into context. I see that Cllr Quinn has made an apology to those concerned and reading her comments there appears to be external factors that may have contributed to her behaviour. Again, I am not condoning it, but we are all far from perfect and must be prepared to allow the benefit of doubt rather than castigating her completely.

      Footnote: Cllr Mullaney has edited his blog to now read “what appeared to be a drunken state” and has published in full Cllr Quinn’s apology.

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