My mother gave me Dylan…who did you get?

There were a number of artists that were always part of the background noise throughout my childhood, with songs played loud and proud by my mother. But one of these artists stood out in front of the others… and with his music permeating every inch of the house, it was inevitable that he ended up playing a major part in my musical life. 

Dylan has both inspired and disappointed me, he has left me feeling depressed and has made me smile … it is only a real artist that can do this. 

For me (and others I am sure) he is like Marmite. Love him or hate him there can be no fence sitting. 

I saw him live 10 years ago and it was the most surreal experience of my life. Watching, singing, dancing and cheering for the man…now here in real life, that had framed my childhood memories. 

The songs our parents gave us | Music | The Guardian.


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