A rose by any other name…

This week the Pope declared war on parents naming babies after celebrities, fruit or popular sports cars. In his address to parents, he pleaded with worshipers to ‘give your children names that are in the Christian calendar’. http://tiny.cc/83p75

The name we give our children can have big consequences for both the parents and the child…Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii was the name given to a 9-year-old girl before a judge had her renamed during a custody battle. ‘It makes a fool of the child,’ he said. Family court judge, Rob Murfitt, gave the order after hearing that the child was embarrassed about her name and had refused to reveal it to friends. http://tiny.cc/54egc

It seems that weird and wonderful names are being forced upon children all over the world. Some of the more bizarre have been banned for reasons of taste, decency or just plain daftness – Akuma AKA Devil (Japan), @ (China), and Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (Sweden) http://tiny.cc/cz2ah

Peaches Geldof, whose sisters are called Fifi Trixibelle, Pixie and Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lilly said her name had haunted her all her life. http://tiny.cc/wg2qe

Thankfully it is not all wacky. Research from the BabyCentre shows that here in the UK, after 15 years as the favourite, Jack finally got knocked off the top spot by Oliver in 2009. But Oliver’s moment of glory was just that, as this year there’s a new number one in town. http://tiny.cc/jrt0m

My daughter was right on in there when she named my grandson – Joshua…which is this year’s most popular boy’s name although Jack is still an all-time favourite hanging in at second position for the second year running.

Noah appeared as a new entry to this year’s top 10 and with Joshua, Jack, Thomas, Ethan, Daniel and James all in the top 10 – does this signify a trend for traditional or more biblical names in the boys’ camp which will keep his holiness the Pope happy.

For the girls too it’s all change at the top.  Sophie is this year’s most popular girl’s name, ending Isabelle’s two-year reign at the top of the chart. Sophia and Isabella have entered the top 10, too, confirming these variations as firm favourites in 2010.

What will be favourites this year…with the Royal wedding in April, then Kate and William may climb the charts.

Films and popular entertainment always has an affect on choices made. Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob, the The Twilight Saga has certainly had an impact and influenced choices during 2010 with Isabella, Alice, Esme, Jacob and Edward coming into the charts. Popularity is sure to increase this year with the release of the new film in the autumn.

The names chosen by celebrities for their babies of course have great influence and the Beckhams will surely prove this with the birth of their fourth child. Totty for a girl? Tottenham for a boy?