Setting yourself up to #fail?

I made my new years resolutions which I have already spoken about in previous blogs but today began thinking about why we do it… and are we just setting ourselves up to fail?

The thoughts of a new year, new start, a chance to put an end to anything that we didn’t like about the previous year away and start afresh…surely the perfect time to sit and reflect on what we might want to do to make a change. Some small token to display to all that we can achieve whatever we might set our minds to…or not.

The problem as I see it is that we put to much pressure on ourselves to achieve it all, straight away, all together and all in one go. My new years resolutions were to get fitter, to lose weight, to save money, to be more organised and to write a daily blog. Have I managed all five as yet, no. I have managed to write a daily blog…woohoo to me…I have however not managed to lose any weight, to do any exercise, to be more organised or to save money = #fail.

Yes, it is early days and is only 5th January but there I believe is the crux of the matter. Perhaps a far more plausible and realistic approach would be to set one resolution each month as a main focus, or one every two months. Something totally achievable in a specific time frame. Where the intense pressure to suceed is not so ferocious and is far more covert.

So, my new years resolution for January is to maintain a daily blog. For February…not decided as yet but whatever it is, I am not going to stress over it.