Blast from the past…

So what sort of music do you listen to?

  • In the car
  • In the bath
  • Whilst your cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening

If I’m on my own in the car, I like my music loud!

When anyone asks me I readily admit to preferring those that are sometimes perceived to be slightly more depressing than most when strumming and humming a few notes.

I automatically surrender names such as Coldplay, James Morrison, Rhydian, REM…cool. But happy stuff too…Newton Faulkner, and Paulo Nuttini.

But looking through my CD collection, my past screams out to haunt me with sights such as Simply Red and Curtis Steigers (the American with the long hair and the Sax)!

I can’t be the only one with such music secrets…come on…fess up!