My lucky number’s 1…

When I was 28 I went to see a fortune teller.

I remember sitting in her dining room, full of cynicism, but trying to appear interested.

More importantly, I remember concentrating really hard in an attempt to recognise any prompts being put to me or any use of subtle suggestion methods in order to ascertain certain ‘facts’ to be used in my reading.

So if I was such a sceptic why would I spend hard earned cash on such a fools dream?

This is a simple question for me to answer.

That period of my life was not good. In fact I do not know how I am still here, able to think freely, and able to express myself without fear of retribution.

I remember the desperate need I had for someone, (anyone), to tell me that things would be OK in my future. But that ‘someone’ needed to be a person who was totally disentangled and disengaged with my life.

I was a bit underwhelmed when I couldn’t see a crystal ball. Instead my fortune teller said that she would undertake a a palm reading and a tarot card reading. Neither of which foretold the happy ending that I was searching for with any total certainty.

In fact the only thing it did reveal was that the numbers 2 and 9 would have significant meaning for me. It in fact went further to say that the 29th day of a month would change the way I lived my life forever.

I paid my £10 and walked home, chastising myself for being so gullible. What a load of croc I thought to myself. A tenner to be told that my  lucky number  wasn’t 1!

On the 29/09/92 I took my driving test and passed. Not only did it change the way I lived my life but it also gave me a new independancy, and a few more pounds on my side of the scales of power. Coincidence, prophecy or just luck…….