Same old Tories….

The Tory’s austerity measures are just not working…figures released show there are weaker tax revenues, substantially higher public spending, and growth at only 0.8% rather than the predicted 2.5%. So with unemployment still increasing, youth unemployment at its highest and no plan in Osborne’s budget for growth and more cuts on the way it is only going to get worse.

The LibDems have championed an increase in tax allowances and therefore it is no surprise that they have clung on to this one issue in any discussion relating to the budget as they know that there is little else in this Tory budget that they can be proud of.

They really do not have any credibility left. Osborne’s  ‘Millionaire’s budget’ will only help the privileged. The removal of the 50p tax rate, and no mansion tax or tycoon tax, shows that they really are the same old Tories.

We are ‘all in this together’ – NOT…the Tories have shown their true colours and launched an attack on the pensioners with a stealth tax which will ensure they will be the big losers in this budget. Other losers are families who will face reductions in child benefit with a taper (that will be highly complex to implement) and cuts to working tax credits.

If all this is not bad enough, there is a renewed attack against the working classes and the labour movement with the Tory proposals for regional public sector pay. This attack on national pay bargaining will only help widen the pay gap across the country. Different levels of pay for the same job dependant on which region or county you are in. This drive to press ahead with regional pay will be an economic disaster for the poorest regions of the UK, cementing the North-South divide. Spending power will be drained from these areas, and siphoned off even more rapidly.

This coalition government has received no mandate for this Tory budget. Cameron’s Big Society has been left in the gutter to be replaced by his Big Capitalist Society. Sorry George but this really is a #fail

Blogging councillors

Liberal Democrat Cllr Martin Mullaney has today blogged about the behaviour of Cllr Quinn at the Hall Green Constituency meeting on Tuesday night. Cllr Mullaney states that he “witnessed the most appalling behaviour by a Councillor at a council meeting that I have attended in my eight years as a Birmingham City Councillor.” Cllr Mullaney goes on to accuse Cllr Quinn, Labour Councillor for Sparkbrook, “as turning up drunk“. He states “that during the debate on Moseley Road baths, Councillor Quinn shouted across the room “Councillor Mullaney, you are full of sh*t”. This remark was actually met with some consensus across the room.

I find the behaviour of Cllr Mullaney appalling in that he has chosen to use this forum to spread potentially slanderous and detrimental information about a fellow councillor. Even more appalling than this is his own behaviour at the same Ward meeting. As a member of the Constituency, I observed Councillor Mullaney not only arrive late and half way through the agendered item dealing with the issue relating to Moseley Road baths, but he then went on to leave after the first hour of the meeting. This early departure was despite members being in attendance, young and old, who wished to hand in a petition relating to the proposals to a reduction in library opening hours. The reason for this early departure… bearing in mind that he is paid as a councillor to attend to council business… he clearly tells us on his blog what his priorities are and states that “I had to leave after the first hour since the meeting clashed with my monthly comedy club”. My message for Cllr Mullaney – #fail