A step too far for George?

Even the Lib Dem’s think that George Osborne has gone too far this week and have distanced themselves from him, condemning the Chancellor for “playing politics” with the deaths of six children after he highlighted the Mick Philpott case to raise questions about high welfare payments.

Lib Dem MP, Sarah Teather, a former education minister, accused him of making a crude political point out of the tragic deaths of six young children and even Danny Alexander, the Lib Dem chief secretary to the Treasury has made clear his unease according to the Guardian saying “The Philpott case is an individual tragedy,” he said. “Children have died in that case. I think that is where we should let that case lie. I would not want to connect that to the much wider need to reform our welfare system.”

Unsurprisingly, Cameron has strongly endorsed Osborne’s decision to call for a debate on whether it was right to be “subsidising lifestyles like that” – a reference to the Philpott case linking it to the tailcoats of the scrounger v striver rhetoric currently being propagated by the Tories.

The shadow chancellor Ed Balls has accused Mr Osborne of making “desperate and cynical” remarks and that were offensive to millions of British people who happen to claim benefits.

And on a par with the Chancellor’s political point scoring has been reading the pure venom that has appeared in our right wing press with the Daily Mail running the story about the tragic deaths of six children on Wednesday with the headline ­“product of welfare UK”.

Let us not be fooled by this shameful behaviour… watch Owen Jones v Ruth Porter to hear the real debate