I hate London

I hate London. There I’ve said it now and I mean it. I really hate London. I’ve been there three times this last week and it sucks.

Yes, the nice sight seeing bits of London are great I’m sure and there is some really nice architecture, but when you are going there for work reasons it is dire.

After walking the long walk from the standard carriage of the Pendalino all the way along platform 2 to then have to pay 30p for a pee…. And then a 20 minute walk to the hotel, either that or the need to cough up a tenner for a rip you of taxi.

I got to the hotel in time to check in before my first meeting. First impressions, can’t complain as after all work is picking up the tab. Dump bags, quick lunch in head office’s subsidised canteen…very nice, then of to my first meeting of the day.

Meeting one over straight into meeting two. By the time we get to eat its 10.15pm and we find a ‘cheap’ Italian. Calzone and Peroni….£25!

Fall into bed at midnight and god the room is hot. Single bed makes turning over during sleep dangerous.

Now Trip Adviser had said good things about this hotel and its breakfast but unfortunately they have either paid people to write good reviews or peeps have lied. Breakfast at the hotel was the worst I have eaten for a long time. Congealed scrambled egg, smoked herrings floating in water…stinking, fried eggs that looked like the ones for sale in the joke shop. And the coffee…..ugh

You can keep the city. Its hustle, bustle of anonymous faces, screaming sirens, obnoxious drivers, rip of retailers and over priced hotels.

I hate London. And London hates me.