Getting peeps to stop and sign

This sounds easy right?


Standing in a street, on a cold Saturday afternoon, asking shoppers to stop for a minute or two and sign a petition is not an easy task.

I quickly learnt that much of the success of the task was actually to get people to realise that they were not going to get pressured into buying double glazing; that they were not signing up to receive newsletters, mailings and unsolicited post; that I was not a Big Issue seller; and that I did not want financial contributions.

All I infact wanted was their signature (and their name, address and postcode).

It was however a good cause and after one Costa coffee (plus getting all staff in there to sign), two and half hours of freezing toes and fingers, I really got into my swing.

The majority of the people that were asked were great and if they didn’t want to sign for whatever reason, they politely declined. Lots of people did sign and were happy to talk about the issues relating to the petition.

One passer by told me that he had written to the PM only the night before…to tell him that he agreed with everything he was doing. I suggested that there was an alternative, but this was quickly pushed to one side with the passer by telling me that all the cuts should be made and all the money spent on public services should go ahead as it was all a waste of money. Each to their own but we can only try and politically educate those that remain ignorant of the facts.

And the petition – Save Birmingham Youth Services – please sign!