A stress free weekend…

My GSD is ill. Very ill.The best GSD in the world...probably

I took another trip to see Pierre, the vet, tonight and the news is not good.

She has a high temperature again and  is jaundiced.

If she fails to respond to the treatment over the next three days then this is a sure sign that there are major problems which are most probably untreatable and undoubtedly will not only cost lots of money, but will also most certainly extend her discomfort.

Another antibiotic injection, a steroid injection, and a course of antibiotics might help her through the weekend but she is still not willing to eat anything apart from the tiniest morsel (sausage has just been accepted) and she has been deteriorating fast as she is losing weight on a scale second to none.

I love my old girl Mara, but have made the decision that this weekend will be spent ensuring that she is happy, comfortable and stress free. If by any stroke of luck she begins to make improvements that would be fantastic but if not we will be paying Pierre another visit on Monday. To extend her suffering would just be too cruel.