Cameron…we have a problem

This morning, David Cameron is having another go at trying to explain his Big Society. I would be lying if I said I had managed to listen to the whole thing, or even 25% – it was a few snippets here and there.

I also wonder just how this apparent ‘re-launch’ will help it take off or will he realize that it is actually “Cameron, we have a problem…”.

Over 1000 youth workers and young people came to Solihull to attend the Choose Youth Rally coordinated by the Unite union. We were all inspired by the voices of young people fighting back against the demolition of their services including Nicky Wishart, a 13 yr old boy who was ‘lifted’ out of his class by the police after they discovered that he was organising a campaign to save his local youth club…and why was this so troubling? Perhaps because it was in Cam’s home town in Witney.

Unfortunately, neither Cameron nor a representative from the Tory party was able to attend. He might have heard the passionate and extremely inspiring young people who were totally devastated about the services and resources that they enjoy disappearing across the country.

Cameron’s other baby is the National Citizens Service(NCS) and he uses this to argue the case for a greater involvement of young people in volunteering. He fails to admit that the cuts in voluntary organisations will dramatically reduce the amount of volunteering opportunities for young people.

The millions being spent on the NCS , for a five week programme during the summer holidays, would resource a 365 day youth service for a year. Cam is already bleating on about how this summer scheme is a massive success!  This is only being piloted this year with the tenders won by a number of organisations with CEO’s and trustees seemingly all a little close to Cameron’s fold…

And even though service for young people are being demolished across the length and breadth of the country…we don’t have to worry because Cam’s Big Society Bank will make sure everything is OK and the voluntary organisations will not go under even though all thier funding is being stripped away…Steve Bell sort of sums it up for me…